Pepper Dog Press is a boutique children’s book publishing company run by Sim Ee Waun and Joyceline See Tully. The two friends are long-time food and travel journalists. Both are mothers to a daughter each, which gives them close-up experience with what engages children.

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We are now into the last week of January and school is back in full swing! For mummies and daddies doing school runs, we hope the mad dash and chaotic traffic in the mornings have eased somewhat. As for the

The Sunda pangolin! Like the anteater, the Sunda pangolin loves to snack on ants and termites. That is probably why it is also called the Malayan Scaly Anteater. It is one of the animals that you can read about on

When we first started work on Tiger Tales: Almost True Animal Stories from Old Singapore, we wanted to fill it with as many animals we can find on the island as we possibly could. Accordingly our illustrator Chloe drew in

The National Heritage Board recently launched the Bedok Heritage Trail. The 15km route takes you through 10 markers that indicated ‘heritage spots’ in an area that liberally stretches from Chai Chee to Frankel Estate, to Upper East Coast, Fengshan and

These agar agar eggs that mimic real eggs were a party favourite among children in the 1970s. To prepare the eggshells, punch a small hole at the narrow end of the egg and shake out the white and yolk. Soak

This retro cocktail centrepiece was very popular at parties in the 70s and 80s—and not just for the children! It’s super easy to put together. Try making it at home today! Ingredients10 cubes of cheese10 mini cocktail sausages (cooked)10 chunks of

Do you know which animal made Changi its favourite haunt? What is another local name for marbles? Find out how well you know Singapore and its rich history with this quick crossword puzzle, the first in our series of crossword

You’ll need: At least 2 players, a flat surface to play on, and a set of five stones. (They are five triangular cloth ‘bags’ filled the rice, sand or saga seeds. Each should be about the size of a walnut.) How to