Pepper Dog Press is a boutique children’s book publishing company run by Sim Ee Waun and Joyceline See Tully. The two friends are long-time food and travel journalists. Both are mothers to a daughter each, which gives them close-up experience with what engages children.

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Si-Hoe S.S. is Sing, the real protagonist in The House on Palmer Road and the House on Silat Road. She was born in the house on Palmer Road in 1933, and lived there with her family until 1941. She was one of the very rare girls in her time who went to what was then the University of Malaya (now National University of Singapore), and an ever rarer one who graduated with a Master’s Degree in Chemistry. She became a chemistry teacher and taught Anglo-Chinese School, St. Patrick’s School and Temasek Junior College. Retired since 1994, she is a first-time book author at the youthful age of 83.

Position: Author