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We are now into the last week of January and school is back in full swing! For mummies and daddies doing school runs, we hope the mad dash and chaotic traffic in the mornings have eased somewhat. As for the

The Sunda pangolin! Like the anteater, the Sunda pangolin loves to snack on ants and termites. That is probably why it is also called the Malayan Scaly Anteater. It is one of the animals that you can read about on

When we first started work on Tiger Tales: Almost True Animal Stories from Old Singapore, we wanted to fill it with as many animals we can find on the island as we possibly could. Accordingly our illustrator Chloe drew in

When our illustrator Chloe first submitted the completed cover of Tiger Tales: Almost True Animal Stories from Old Singapore, what caught my eye—apart from the magnificent tiger lounging on the right corner—is the beautiful yellow and black snake wrapped lazily on a tree trunk.

Gold Ring Cat Snake
The gold ringed cat snake on the cover of Tiger Tales: Almost True Animal Stories from Old Singapore

With gleaming golden bands slung around a jet-black body, the snake that Chloe has drawn is as striking as they come. It is aptly called the Gold-Ringed Cat Snake, and sometimes also known as the Mangrove Cat Snake although it is not just found in mangroves. The biggest of four species of cat snakes found in Singapore, it can stretch out to 2.4 metres long when fully grown.

It is mostly nocturnal, which means it sleeps by day on tree branches and only slithers down to ground to hunt at nightfall. Rats, frogs, small birds, bats and even other snakes are just some of its favourite prey.

Like many of its cousins, it is venomous but not life-threateningly so. It can be found in many parts of Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. Here in Singapore, you may spot it in the Central Nature Catchment Reserve.

Check out our colouring sheet featuring the Gold-Ringed Cat Snake that’s perfect for keeping the little ones occupied.

Tiger Tales: Almost True Stories from Old Singapore is available for sale at major bookstores in Singapore, including Books Ahoy, Books Kinokuniya, The Fullerton Shop at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Garden Shops at Botanic Gardens, Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop, Museum Shops at the National Museum and Asian Civilisation Museum, and Woods in the Books.

It is also available online at Books Kinokuniya, Closetful of Books, Epigram Bookshop, Natventure Books, Owl Readers Club and Woods in the Books.

It is also available online at Closetful of Books, Epigram Bookshop, Natventure Books and Woods in the Books.

To showcase Singapore’s great diversity of animals, our illustrator Chloe drew many of them in the pages of our new book Tiger Tales: Almost True Animal Stories from Old Singapore. They are listed out on page 89 of the book.

History is full of amazing stories, and indeed, that of Singapore is one born of the most fertile imagination, rich with romantic stories of sultans and adventurers, and incredible animal tales. It’s the latter that you will read about in our